Washington DC’s AI Roadmap: What SMBs Need to Know

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology rapidly evolves, the U.S. government is stepping up with a groundbreaking AI policy roadmap. Here’s what you need to know.

The Roadmap for AI Policy

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) led a bipartisan group, called the AI Working Group, over the last year to discuss the potential impacts and risks AI poses. On May 15, 2024, they released a 31-page roadmap for AI policy.

According to Schumer, three words govern their actions: urgency, humility, and bipartisanship. The first comes as no surprise. AI’s complexity, rapid evolvement, and broad impact require swift action. The slower they create a plan for regulating AI the wider the gap becomes.

“Last year, Congress faced a momentous choice,” said Schumer. “Either watch from the sidelines as artificial intelligence reshaped our world, or make a novel, bipartisan effort to enhance but also regulate this technology before it was too late.”

In their recent CIO newsletter, Forbes noted that most of the urgency “points toward increasing funding for U.S. innovation in the technology.” The Senate’s report recommended a $32 billion annual government spending allotment for non-defense AI innovation.

“Our Policy Roadmap for AI is the first, most comprehensive, most bipartisan, and most forward-thinking report on AI regulation ever produced by Congress.”

Topics of the AI Insight Forums

The process began with three educational briefings on AI for senators, followed by the first all-senators classified briefing solely focused on AI in the summer of 2023. These sessions revealed a broad interest in AI and the need for policy discussions.

To address specific policy domains, the AI Working Group conducted nine bipartisan forums on various AI topics to promote comprehensive discussions outside typical committee hearings and encourage cross-sector interaction in the fall of 2023.

The topics of these forums included:

  • Supporting U.S. Innovation in AI
  • AI and the Workforce
  • High Impact Uses of AI
  • Elections and Democracy
  • Privacy and Liability
  • Transparency, Explainability, Intellectual Property, and Copyright
  • Safeguarding Against AI Risks
  • National Security


How might the outcomes of these forums impact your small business? Here are a few examples.

High Impact Uses of AI

The forum addressed AI’s role in sectors like healthcare and finance. Small businesses in these sectors can anticipate changes in regulatory compliance and opportunities for leveraging AI to:

  • Improve service efficiency and accuracy.
  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction.

Supporting U.S. Innovation in AI

This forum highlighted initiatives to boost U.S. competitiveness in AI technologies. This might translate into more accessible AI tools and grants. In turn, that could reduce the cost of implementing AI solutions in your business enhancing productivity without the large investment.

AI and the Workforce

Discussions in this forum revolved around the impact of AI on jobs. Understanding these shifts is crucial for planning future workforce needs. The roadmap suggests training programs that could be subsidized to help upskill employees ensuring they stay relevant in an AI-driven market.

Privacy and Liability

Key takeaways from this forum include the introduction of stricter data protection laws that will require you to enhance your cybersecurity measures. This ensures not only compliance, but also builds consumer trust in your digital operations.

Latest AI Releases Generating Buzz

With new AI models rolling out faster than policies can be created there’s been an increased chatter over data security and privacy. Just this week, Google rolled out its Gemini AI model. Now, everyone in the U.S. will see AI Overviews at the top of their searches.

Additionally, OpenAI announced its new GPT-4o model this week. The company promises an AI chatbot that can respond to text, audio, image, and video in real time (and generate those kinds of output).

Security and Privacy Are Important

Anyone working in tech, including managed service providers, would tell you that security and privacy surrounding AI were important long before it got here 

AI offers small businesses sophisticated tools to enhance operations. However, it also means that cyber threats by cybercriminals will become more advanced. It’s crucial for small businesses to adopt AI with a strong focus on privacy and security. Because when it’s implemented correctly, AI can significantly enhance your ability to protect sensitive information and boost operations.  

At Teal, we prioritize security and privacy, ensuring that every initiative considers the necessary data protection measures. This approach not only safeguards our small business clients but also maximizes the positive impact of technology – keeping small businesses secure and productive.

Get the Proactive IT Solutions You Need Today

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape shaped by advancements in artificial intelligence, small businesses need to stay ahead with robust IT support. We understand the unique IT challenges SMBs face when adapting to new technologies and ensuring data security.

That’s why we offer responsive, secure managed IT services tailored to the specific needs of local businesses. Whether you’re in Minneapolis or Washington DC, our solutions are designed to help you leverage technology safely and efficiently.

With Teal, you benefit from:

  • Expertise in AI integration: Ensuring your business harnesses the full potential of AI technologies securely.
  • Proactive cybersecurity measures: Protecting your data and systems from advanced cyber threats.
  • Tailored IT strategies: Developed to meet the specific needs and challenges of your local business environment.

Contact a Teal business technology advisor today if you’re interested in learning about our managed IT services.

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