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  • 2000

    TechGen Consulting founded by Reid Johnston

  • 2010

    Aligned Technology Solutions co-founded by Gar Whaley and Don Sauer.

  • 2016

    TechGen receives ISO 27001 certification.

  • 2018

    TechGen releases innovative help desk support Alexa skill app.

  • 2019

    Aligned ranks #3865 on Inc. 5000.

  • 2020

    Aligned ranks #453 on Financial Times’ Fastest Growing Companies.

  • 2021

    TechGen receives HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

  • 2022

    TechGen ranks #4667 on Inc. 5000.

  • 2023

    Aligned ranks #257 on Financial Times’ Fastest Growing Companies.

  • 2023

    Aligned receives high cybersecurity rating from SecurityScorecard, driving small business protection.

  • 2023

    Aligned ranks #33 on MSP 501 for best-in-class businesses growing via recurring revenue and innovation.

  • 2023

    Aligned receives CompTIA’s Security Trustmark+.

  • 2023

    TechGen ranks #4492 on Inc. 5000.

  • 2023

    Aligned ranks #2999 on Inc. 5000.

  • 2023

    TechGen and Aligned merge - forming the premier company of Teal.

TechGen Consulting Services

Minneapolis, MN

TechGen was founded on the unyielding belief that IT services should be stress-free. The company meticulously crafted personalized strategies that intimately aligned with their client’s business goals. Their team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals were committed to enhancing the lives of their clients through their vast expertise.


TechGen Consulting, Inc. was formed by Reid Johnston in 2000 as a sole proprietorship, incorporating the company in 2002. Before starting TechGen, Reid worked as a web application developer.

A technology enthusiast from a very early age, Reid was dismantling (and rebuilding) computers before completing elementary school. He wanted to find a career where he could combine his passion for technology and building things with solving problems and helping people – this resulted in the creation of a 20+ year company, TechGen.

Aligned Technology Solutions Services

Alexandria, VA

Aligned was built on a belief that IT solutions start with understanding an organization’s needs, sustained by personal relationships with experts who championed excellence and adaptability. These professionals ensured that solutions evolved, were optimized, and contributed to fulfilling the client’s mission. Aligned recognized the emergence of compliance and cybersecurity concerns and invested accordingly in both training talent and shaping solutions.


Gar Whaley and Don Sauer co-founded Aligned Technology Solutions. Whaley, with a rich background in the restaurant business, leveraged his understanding of computer systems to design IT solutions for local small businesses. Sauer, with close to 35 years of IT expertise gained from the U.S. Navy, public sector, and private enterprises, developed a diverse perspective on designing and deploying IT solutions.

The duo met at an organization and shared a vision to create an MSP that equally understood business goals, and IT needs. Whaley and Sauer, each 25+ year veterans in the Information Technology Teal Management field, have worked across small to large enterprises and privately held to publicly traded companies. United by a shared vision, they created Aligned Technology Solutions to be a truly human-focused IT company.


In 2023, Aligned Technology Solutions and TechGen merged to form the premier company of Teal. After years of collaboration through a peer group, the merger aimed to offer clients a more comprehensive range of solutions, increasing access to specialized security personnel, technology, and tools.

Aligned brought their successful cybersecurity team and expertise in complex compliance certifications like CMMC, while TechGen contributed their robust project and account management processes and strategic ISO-certified documentation.

This “merger of equals” allowed Teal to elevate their services, focusing on client care and using technology for good. The merger also increased Teal’s resources and talent, providing a more sophisticated, compelling offering that takes advantage of economies of scale.

Don Sauer, Cofounder & CEO

Don Sauer


“We always look at technology through the lens of your business. We don’t just throw a bunch of tech at a challenge. We take the time and make the effort to identify a client’s real needs and customize implementations that will do the right job in a proven way.”

Gar Whaley, Cofounder & CRO

Gar Whaley


“The best IT solutions are built from the ground up, reflecting the business aspirations or organizational mission of our clients first. IT implementation at its best, for Teal, has zero interest in off-the-shelf fixes or short-term answers.”

Reid Johnston, Cofounder & CIO

Reid Johnston


Our clients choose to stay with us year after year because we provide them with true value – ultra-responsiveness, intentional excellence, specialized expertise, and a deep understanding of each client’s challenges. That’s how we give them the concierge care they deserve.

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