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An organization’s IT infrastructure must be well-maintained to ensure productivity is uninterrupted and data is secure. Organizations can choose from several different maintenance approaches – with Managed IT Services being one option.

In this approach, an organization outsources the responsibility for proactively maintaining its IT infrastructure to a third party – typically using a subscription-based pricing model. As such, this model contrasts with the break/fix method of providing IT services.

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Businesses choose Teal because they want exceptional technology solutions and a true partnership. We are ultra-responsive, resilient, sophisticated, and deeply committed to providing obsessive service. If a client needs to ask us, “What is the status of X,” we know we are not living up to our standard or enriching their lives. We always prioritize the needs of our clients and relentlessly look for ways to add value to their lives – empowering their vision of success.

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Cybercriminals often target small and medium businesses because they possess valuable information and lack sufficient cybersecurity infrastructure, solutions, and management for robust protection. A study by Accenture reveals that companies of this size are the target of 43% of cyber attacks; however, only 14% of them were adequately prepared to deal with such attacks. 

 Our sophisticated cybersecurity services focus on safeguarding small businesses, even those with complex compliance or cybersecurity requirements, from cyber attacks.

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Yes. We offer co-managed IT services and have many clients with this structure. This approach closes skill gaps, lowers overall IT spending, and boosts efficiency.

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Yes. We keep our partner’s teams connected no matter where they are. Our professionals configure, monitor, and manage vital components of each system to ensure workers have a reliable way to access everything they need. Additionally, we employ Virtual Private Networks and Zero Trust Network Access to enhance network security for remote and hybrid work environments – keeping businesses secure.

We make it easy to transition to Teal. We can start tomorrow if the situation requires it; however, a more effective solution is to have a transition period of 2 to 4 weeks.

Teal’s seamless onboarding process takes 30 days for most partners to complete.

Throughout the onboarding process, we oversee everything to guarantee a seamless switch from your current solution to ours. We will require your assistance with a few matters. Otherwise, you can concentrate on your daily responsibilities without the stress of managing the transition.

Yes. We have powerful remote systems management tools that allow us to perform most tasks from our Network Operations and Client Services Center. If a situation arises where we need to come onsite, we will send an engineer promptly. Our commitment to our partners is unwavering. No matter what, we are available when needed.

Our contracts are on either 1- or 3-year terms. We prove our value to our clients every day. Learn more about what to expect from a Teal Partnership.

We only assist with procurement and hardware purchases for clients with a contract with us.

Our Teal Partners gain a competitive advantage from our established relationships with major distributors and best-in-class manufacturers. We leverage our extensive 30+ years of experience across various industries to recommend the most advanced hardware and software options. We take care of pre-configuration, installation, and shipping of the equipment anywhere in the US.

Our eagerness to be ultra-responsive and highly skilled is vital to our customer’s satisfaction. Teal demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement by using a variety of metrics. This attention to detail ensures that our partners are not just satisfied with our service but delighted by it.

CSAT Metrics: We employ BrightGuage to measure satisfaction through customer feedback.

NPS Metrics: Through surveys, Teal requests partner feedback on our service quality twice a year. We value our partner’s honest input as it helps us improve, ensuring successful service delivery.

Tactical Check-ins: Our professionals conduct monthly tactical check-ins with each partner to ensure any issues are resolved quickly.

Reviews: Teal professionals regularly assess client testimonials and reviews on third-party platforms to verify our service’s success.

Yes. Each partner has a dedicated account manager who thoroughly understands your unique needs, challenges, and goals. This knowledgeable point of contact ensures that you receive:

  • Ultra-responsive assistance when concerns arise,
  • Proactive IT infrastructure monitoring to prevent downtime,
  • Tailored solutions that meet your business’s unique needs,
  • Streamlined communication that reduces misunderstandings,
  • Accommodated IT infrastructure and services to accommodate expansion,
  • Strategic long-term IT planning that aligns with your business’s goals (e.g., technology roadmaps, upgrades, etc.).


Our partners gain peace of mind knowing that they have the support of a seasoned professional who will deliver guidance that caters to their unique requirements.

Our service is ultra-responsive and available 24 x 7. We respond immediately to system-wide issues that impact multiple users to minimize downtime. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) systems generally alert us before our clients know a problem exists.

We have a 2-hour SLA for Help Desk issues; however, our typical response is immediate. Ultra-responsiveness is one of the things our partners appreciate the most. When a partner calls, we answer. When a partner emails, we respond rapidly. We always follow up and take issue ownership. Our clients never have to ask, “What is the status of this?”

If you want to speak with a Teal technology advisor to learn more about our services, submit a request here or call us at (833) FOR-TEAL.

Teal Partners can receive assistance by contacting us through our:

Email: Most Teal Partners chose to contact us through email for support.

Phone: Call us to quickly reach our Help Desk or get connected with the Teal professional you need for specific requests.

Client portal: Submit requests and view the status of open requests through Teal’s web-based portal.

We schedule quarterly strategic business reviews to discuss our partner’s goals to ensure we remain aligned. While not a requirement, we stress this as a critical component of our solution. Additionally, we provide monthly tactical check-ins to ensure everything is going as expected.

Our partners also enjoy having access to a vCIO. Seasoned IT veterans with executive-level leadership experience are never more than a phone call away.

Finally, we request feedback on our service quality through surveys twice a year. We value our partner’s honest input as it helps us adjust our services – ensuring successful service delivery.

No, we do not outsource parts of our service. Our core service delivery is provided by Teal employees. There are times when we partner with other US-based firms for specialized requirements (e.g., low voltage wiring).

Our services are exclusively for small businesses looking for a partner to provide ongoing support.

Selecting the right IT partner for your organization is critical to your success. We are far more than a managed IT service provider. We become your trusted business partner.

Our services may be right for you if you want a sophisticated managed service provider for your SME. We empower your business’s vision of success by delivering:

Obsessive Service

Receive unrivaled services that are dependable and ultra-responsive.

Peace of Mind

Alleviate stress with IT and Cybersecurity that leads to positive outcomes.

Intentional Excellence

Leverage specialized and exceptional technology combined with cybersecurity expertise.


Gain more time to concentrate on business growth.


Attain a strategic plan from trusted professionals with no surprises.

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