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Advance Your Mission's Success

Your mission is vital. And your team? They’re relentlessly dedicated. Propel your success forward with Nonprofit IT Support that's just as committed as you are.

Hundreds of partners growing and securing their organizations nationally with Teal.

Service Overview

Experience the advantages of sophisticated support that optimizes your investment, safeguards data, and boosts productivity.


Financial stability

Improve collaboration

Elevate stakeholder trust

Streamline operations

Industry expertise

Proactive Monitoring

implement technical safeguards

boost security training

Enhanced Data Security and Privacy

Your donors, and other stakeholders, expect that their data is secure when they support your mission. Build their trust in your nonprofit through affordable enterprise-level security and advance your cause.

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11-Point IT Security Checklist for Small Businesses

Safeguarding your business from cyber threats is not just a best practice – it’s a necessity. Your peace of mind and productivity depend on a robust defense strategy that adapts as quickly as the threats do.

Enhance your small business’s cyber resilience by downloading your copy of the 11-point IT security checklist today.

Security best practices that will enhance your business's resilience against cyber threats and productivity-killing IT issues.

Enable Mission Focus

Spend less time trying to solve technical problems and more time on your crucial mission. Gain peace of mind knowing that IT experts experienced with nonprofit organizations are on your side – ensuring your systems are reliable and secure.

managed it infrastructure

elevate efficiency

streamline operations

Increase Financial Stability

Overcome the financial constraints your nonprofit faces to enhance donor and volunteer engagement. Quickly transform your operations into a force multiplier with predictable IT budgeting that increases your organization’s overall impact.

We Don’t Just Care About Technology. We Care About You.

Hundreds of partners growing their businesses nationally

Top managed service provider from Clutch

More than 250 5-star Google reviews

CompTIA Security Trustmark+ recipient

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What to Expect as a Teal Partner

Learn about the Teal difference, how you can quickly become a Teal Partner in just 3 easy steps, and get a feel for Teal’s onboarding process.

Discover What It’s Like to be a Partner of Teal

Discover how Teal Helped This Nonprofit Resolve Their IT Challenges

This small nonprofit did not have any internal IT support. Because of this, they had issues at every level. The partnership with Teal provides the strategies, professionalism, and plain English communication needed to deliver solutions effectively. 

Managed IT Services for Nonprofit Organization Case Study

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