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Learn how to keep your data secure while traveling.

Many of our clients and prospective clients have asked us the question, “What is EOS?” What is it? It’s transformative! It gives you the clarity you need to grow. When used well you’ll be efficient and profitable. Our EOS Integrator, Don Sauer, explains.

Discover the three financial habits you need to grow your small business from best-selling author and CEO of Foresight CFO, Kirk W McLaren.

 Empower your team to achieve greatness with our expert tips on using Microsoft Teams. With just seven key features, you can revolutionize the way your team works, elevate your approach to meetings, and boost productivity. Get ready to amaze your colleagues with new knowledge that can transform your business strategies today.

Explore a practical application of Microsoft Copilot Studio with a simple breakdown from Reid Johnston, Teal cofounder and CIO with over 20 years of experience. Watch now to learn just how easy it is to create a copilot chatbot your staff can use to find answers to common HR questions.

Remember, creating copilots can extend well beyond HR. The possibilities of AI applications within your organization are limitless.

Over 50% of CEOs say that digital transformation contributes directly to revenue growth. However, if you’re investing in a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that simply delivers tools – and fails to deliver the mastery of skill and dependable service – you’re not getting the most bang for your buck.

On November 4, 2021 the DoD formally announced CMMC 2.0 – which contains an updated program structure and requirements. This new model is not only beneficial for aligning cybersecurity requirements to other federal requirements, but it also helps to reduce costs for small businesses.

This power-packed video, led by certified CMMC RPs, is designed to provide you with quick insights after the Department of Defense’s CMMC rulemaking update to ensure your readiness.

Justin Weeks, CA and VP Cybersecurity & Compliance at Teal, explains:

  • The recent DoD announcement
  • How it impacts the CMMC timeline
  • Where you should be in your preparation process
  • Whether you can push out your deadline due to class variance

Co-managed partnerships provide a comprehensive and practical approach to IT support and management.

A reputable provider will harmoniously augment your in-house team, supplementing your team’s capabilities and boosting strategies.

As a managed service provider, potential clients often ask, “How are co-managed IT services provided, exactly?”

Watch this video now to discover the answer. Plus, learn misconceptions about co-managed IT and how hiring a provider can boost your small business strategy.

Hackers. They’re a big topic. But having a basic understanding of their different profiles, motivations, and tactics they employ is essential to strengthening your small business’s security…and elevating your cybersecurity strategies.

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