2024 Remote Employee Trends for Small Organizations

In today’s evolving workplace landscape, understanding remote employee trends is crucial for small organizations striving to stay competitive and effective. Shannon Anderson, Chief Human Resources Officer and CEO at GritHR Solutions, brings her wealth of experience and keen insights into the dynamics of remote work for small businesses in 2024. In our exclusive Master Class, she delves into the latest trends shaping remote employee engagement and hybrid work policies.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in the modern remote work landscape. Access the full video to gain exclusive HR insights from Shannon Anderson to transform your remote work policies and practices.

Overview: Dive into the Future of Remote Work

This Master Class covers essential topics, including:

1. The State of Remote Work Post-COVID

Explore how the remote work environment has evolved since the pandemic and its long-term implications.

2. Remote Work Trends

Understand the current trends driving remote work adoption and how small businesses are adapting.

3. Productivity & Remote Work Insights

Gain insights into how remote work is affecting productivity and the strategies that can enhance it.

4. Best Practices for Remote/Hybrid Work

Learn best practices for managing remote employees and hybrid teams effectively. 

5. Employee Engagement Strategies

Discover strategies to support and engage remote employeesensuring they feel valued and connected.

6. Technology and Security for Remote Work

Understand the technological tools and security measures necessary to protect remote work environments.

7. Maintaining Your Company Culture

Learn how to preserve and nurture company culture in a remote or hybrid setting.

8. The Importance of Regular Reviews

Recognize the role of regular reviews and feedback in maintaining employee performance and satisfaction. 

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