Teal Receives High Security Score, Drives Small Business Protection

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – February 17, 2023 – Teal. Formerly known as Aligned Technology Solutions, received a nearly perfect security score from a third-party risk rating vendor on February 3, 2022showcasing its continual commitment to a strong security posture.

Data Strategies Drive Robust Cybersecurity

Teal uses robust data-centric strategies to drive its resiliency against threat actors. Using SecurityScorecard, a Forester New Wave leader in cyber risk ratings, the managed IT service provider ensures their company and clients are protected.  

Teal scored an A, or better, in all categories with an overall score of 99/100. The analytics it receives from SecurityScorecard provide valuable data-driven insights into areas of vulnerability and help the organization’s experts better allocate resources for improved security.

Building Trust with Stakeholders

Teal regularly evaluates its security strength to ensure systems and data are secure. A third-party analysis is essential in giving organizations a “second opinion” on their environments.   

“Using a trusted third party for ratings and assessments is critical to ensure organizations are doing what they say they are doing,” said Justin Weeks, Teal VP of Cybersecurity and Compliance. “It also helps identify areas they may not have thought to look.”  

Using a third-party vendor to monitor risks and compliance based on unbiased data establishes peace of mind for clients and other stakeholders.  

“Teal continues to make investments and improvements as part of its security journey,” said Weeks. “Our security is our client’s security. We take secure management of their systems seriously and build trust with them with a validated cybersecurity posture.”

Boosting Cybersecurity with SecurityScorecard

SecurityScorecard gives ratings to organizations on an A-F scale (0-100 points). The tool calculates scores on the following 10 risk factors: 

  • Network Security
  • DNS Health
  • Patching Cadence
  • Endpoint Security
  • IP Reputation
  • Application Security
  • Hacker Chatter
  • Information Leak
  • Social Engineering
  • Cubit Score 

Compared to an A score, companies that receive an F rating are nearly eight times more likely to be impacted by a data breach, based on SecurityScorecard’s data from over 12 million company ratings. Organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity posture and prevent costly damages by developing a plan based on the data provided by the risk rating company.   

Teal continues to invest in its cybersecurity program, innovating processes and practices to drive its security into the future.   

“Teal will continue to progress in offering world-class managed services to our clients in an exceptionally secure way,” said Weeks. “We understand its importance and continue to improve, never resting on our achievements.”

About Teal

Teal provides exceptional managed IT solutions for small- to medium-sized organizations that value real partnerships and elevated security – strategically accelerating their partner’s growth and protecting them from evolving digital threats. With over two decades of experience, Teal enriches lives by delivering ultra-responsive services, prioritizing integrated cybersecurity, and investing in their staff.

Small business leaders deserve to optimize their technology investments and empower their teams with an award-winning partner who genuinely cares about their success. For more information, visit the Teal website or follow @TealMSP on LinkedIn,Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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