Benefit from Sophisticated, Data-driven Cybersecurity

Delivering leading security solutions to our clients is a crucial aspect of our services. However, keeping businesses under our care protected does not start there. It begins with Teal’s cybersecurity resilience.

Discover how we’re excelling in cybersecurity and delivering sophisticated security to American small businesses.

Key Points:   

  • Teal uses robust data-centric strategies to drive its resiliency against threat actors.  
  • Teal was given a top-ranking security score by SecurityScorecard, showcasing its continual commitment to a strong security posture.   
  • SecurityScorecard, a leader in cybersecurity risk ratings, provides organizations with an enterprise-wide view of analytics into systems and applications.   
  • Business leaders should look for top security ranking scores when vetting managed service providers.

Data Drives Strong Cybersecurity Postures at Teal

Teal uses robust data-centric strategies to drive its resiliency against threat actors. Analytics from a third party provide valuable data-driven insights into areas of vulnerability which helps our experts better allocate resources for improved security.   

Validating our security posture develops trust for our clients and other stakeholders. We regularly evaluate our security strength to ensure our systems and data are secure. We do this with both internal and external analysis.   

Using a third-party vendor to monitor risks and compliance establishes vital peace of mind for clients based on unbiased data.

Teal Upholds Security-Focused Priority

Cybersecurity and compliance are our team’s top priorities, and we’re excited about this announcement. Teal was bestowed the Seal of Trust from SecurityScorecard, a leader in cybersecurity risk ratings, to showcase our continual commitment to a strong security posture.   

As a managed security services provider, we hold ourselves to a high standard for security and risk management. This top-ranking security score is one more way to uphold our promise of being security-focused for all our clients and stakeholders.   

Many business leaders demand a robust cybersecurity partner they can rely on to secure their business. We’re pleased that our investments in talent, security, training, and best practices fill this need at the highest standard possible in SecurityScorecard. But what is this tool, exactly?

SecurityScorecard: Benchmarking Cybersecurity Resiliency

SecurityScorecard is an information security company that provides cybersecurity risk insights for corporate entities.   

Its services lead the pack, compared to its competition, due to its process transparency and workflow capabilities. Accurate and fair security ratings are supplied using its guiding principles and validated by data – which boasts over 12 million companies scored.   

The tool provides organizations with an enterprise-wide view of analytics into systems and applications. The vendor offers a scored analysis of cyber threat intelligence signals that ranks from A to F across ten groups of risk factors.  

SecurityScorecard Facilitates: 

  • Secure ecosystems between organizations and vendors  
  • Cyber insurance policy underwriting  
  • Vulnerability elimination  
  • Cyber risk mitigation
  • Compliance  

This tool allows Teal to quickly identify opportunities in our security posture and prioritize areas requiring attention based on objective data collection.   

“Teal continues to make investments and improvements as part of its security journey,” said Justin Weeks, Teal VP of Cybersecurity and Compliance. “Our security is our client’s security. We take secure management of their systems seriously and build trust with them with a validated cybersecurity posture.”

Look for Top Security Scores When Vetting MSPs

Top security rankings must be top of mind when business leaders are looking for the right managed service provider (MSP) for their organization. High scores demonstrate the MSP’s willingness to:  

  • Stay up to date with best practices   
  • Meet compliance standards  
  • Reduce threat risks  
  • Fix issues

Partnering with an MSP with a strong cybersecurity posture ensures you have a provider with the solutions, experience, and protection you need.  

Don’t know what other questions to ask MSPs during your evaluation process? Check out our Managed Service Provider Vetting Checklist. It features the necessary items you need to evaluate before choosing a provider.

MSP Vetting Checklist Ebook

Use this checklist to make choosing the right managed service provider for your organization easy and stress-free.

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