Don Sauer, Cofounder & CEO

Don Sauer

Cofounder & CEO

Don took a more direct path to acquiring nearly 35 years of IT expertise. It began in the US Navy, where he first worked on computer-controlled weapons systems.

From there he amassed diverse IT experience in every kind of industry and organization, public-sector and private, startup to large-scale enterprise. Each presented unique challenges and allowed Don to develop a rare diversity of perspectives when it comes to designing and deploying IT solutions, and it never obscured Don’s focus on learning what’s best for a specific business, agency, or organization.

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Gar Whaley, Cofounder & CRO

Gar Whaley

Cofounder & CRO

Jill Paulus, Director of Finance, Accounting, and Procurement

Jill Paulus

Director of Finance, Accounting, and Procurement

Reid Johnston, Cofounder & CIO

Reid Johnston

Cofounder & CIO

Tom Pires, Vice President, Service

Tom Pires

Vice President, Service

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