Gar Whaley, Cofounder & CRO

Gar Whaley


Cofounder & CRO

Gar Whaley, Aligned cofounder, always knew he wanted to run his own business. As technologically savvy as he is today, he honed his customer-centric business philosophy in the restaurant industry. Though he found satisfaction in owning a successful franchise, this experience introduced him to computer systems. Gar realized how beneficial appropriate IT solutions could be for other small businesses. This realization led him into the technology sector over 25 years ago, during the dot-com boom.

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Don Sauer, Cofounder & CEO

Don Sauer

Cofounder & CEO

Reid Johnston, Cofounder & CIO

Reid Johnston

Cofounder & CIO

Tom Pires, Vice President, Service

Tom Pires

Vice President, Service

Jill Paulus, Director of Finance, Accounting, and Procurement

Jill Paulus

Director of Finance, Accounting, and Procurement

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